More Testimonials

Additional Testimonials from our valued clients…

To whom it may concern, it is my distinct pleasure to recommend Brent Whitehead and his wonderful

organization for any & all of your construction or pre-construction needs. I’m a Real Estate Developer & have been working with Brent’s organization for almost 10 years here on Anna Maria Island. I am pleased to report that the projects we’ve accomplished simply couldn’t have been completed without him. Our Old Bridge Village condominium project required a small comp-plan change, several variances & special exceptions in the historic section of Bradenton Beach – a community known for its hostility and entrenched opposition. Brent advised us on every step through the approval process & constructed the $10 million project on time & on budget. When we choose to construct an $8 million addition to our Tortuga Inn Beach Resort, Brent helped us develop and “as of right” plan that didn’t require approvals from the Bradenton Beach commission. Our plan was approved, after a five-hour battle, by the City’s Planning & Zoning commission. Again, Brent completed the project on time & on budget. Brent has also been involved in my pre-construction activities in several other of my projects including the luxury Aqua Marine condominium development adjacent to the Beach Bistro in Holmes Beach, & several other large-scale land use approvals from DEP & the City of Anna Maria for one of my clients. Please don’t hesitate to call me if you need further information.



Invariably when guests visit my home they ask enthusiastically, who built this beautiful house? I respond with sincere pleasure that it was Whitehead Construction led by my dear friend, Brent Whitehead. Not only did Brent understand immediately what I wanted done, he applied great skill, good judgment and outstanding taste in completing the tasks at hand. Equally impressive was the integrity, reliability, and professionalism of his team of builders and subcontractors. The job was done within budget and on time. I don’t think that more needs to be said about Brent and his organization other than it will be a lucky owner who engages Whitehead Construction for the building of his home. 


I am pleased to give Whitehead Construction the highest unqualified recommendation. Brent and his entire team are focused on superior quality, both in design and craftsmanship.  We actually enjoyed the process and working with the Whitehead people. I have built a number of homes and have not been able to say the same about other Construction companies . The cooperation and the teamwork that we experienced  was wonderful. Importantly, we are positively thrilled with the finished product! 

Pat & Marian

“Today I received your bill marked Final. Larry, it’s kind of sad – what will I have to complain about in future months!

Seriously, you know of Ricky’s and my satisfaction with the end result. And with working with all the fine people at Whitehead. I have not had the time tonight to even glance at the detail, but somehow, with Ann and Flo involved, I would bet on it being correct. So, I have written the check and will put it in the mail tomorrow. I know we can tweak things later if we need to, but I wanted to pay you quickly as part of my way of saying “Job Well Done”. Thanks to everyone for our beautiful house.

With much affection”

Karl and Ricky

“We just wanted to tell you again how much we love our new home and are still very much in awe of all the detailed work. Everyone was great to work with and not only professional but gave us a warm welcome to Longboat Key. I am enclosing 2 letters that I sent to Wades’ and Fritz for their outstanding work and wanted you to see the letters also for a reference for any of your future clients.

Once again, thank you and your staff especially Sean for a delightful building experience.”

Dennis and Sandra

I am going to write a very positive review for Whitehead Construction but it is with a lot of ambivalence since I want them to build my next house before all you folks reading this review employ them to build your house!  Seriously, Brent is a person of great integrity as well as being the most accomplished builder imaginable. His interactions with everyone impressed me. Our project manager, Dan Willis was a construction genius and was so easy to get along with (quite a feat since I change my mind often, usually on the day of installation)!  Ann Newby keeps the show running smoothly with her positive attitude and undeniable organizational skills, an absolute necessity when you work with people building a house. Sherri did an excellent job in the financial department. My husband never questioned anything she sent us. WOW is all I can say about that choice……so creative.and also very easy to work with. I loved the building process and love the result!!! I think that everyone can agree that building a home is a very stressful undertaking but I would do it all over again (soon I hope) with the help from WHITEHEAD CONSTUCTION!! 


The Whitehead team exceeded every expectation….from contract negotiation to final walk through. Four years later, they still assist with any request we have regarding maintenance. I highly recommend Whitehead Construction for your building needs.


…"when guests visit my home they ask enthusiastically, who built this beautiful house?
I respond with sincere pleasure that it was Whitehead Construction"…