Charles & Lynne

Dear Brent, Allison, Dan, Flo, Ann, Nancy and the rest of the Whitehead Crew,

Where to begin thanking all of you? Now that the sawdust (concrete dust, sheetrock dust) has settled and we are in the house, we felt it was time to pause and reflect on the experience. It is a pleasant surprise in this day and age when somebody does what they say they will and then some more. Everyone on the Whitehead team lived up to and surpassed their reputation for excellence.

Being apprehensive about doing another building project, we knew that finding the right contractor would be critical. In our search, without exception, the comments concerning Whitehead Construction were very positive. Now we know why! After meeting with Brent and Allison we were confident that we should go ahead with our project. As it turned out they would also be the deciding factor in where we were going to build, but that is another story.

Of course, the result is of primary importance, but the journey getting there certainly influences how one feels about the finished house. We love the house. You all made it a great trip. We know that some of our ideas were a little different and we greatly appreciate your patience and flexibility in both entertaining and executing them. Your input, your problem-solving skills, your standards of excellence and your relationships with the best subcontractors led to a high-quality result. The house turned out even better than we had imagined and we are excited to start really living in our new home.

We feel blessed to have had all of you as our partners in this endeavor. Like the house, you are all very special to us.

Charles & Lynne