Architectural Design Services

Over the years we have developed good close relationships with several local Architects who have the same commitment to superior service and quality of product for the best value. We can work with your preferred Architect or negotiate with one of these pre-qualified Architects. Or if you prefer we could consider Allison Kaffka. She is an Architect we have partnered with here at Whitehead Construction. She is versed in a multitude of architectural periods but specializes in a coastal style which melds historical details from Florida, the Caribbean and Hawaii.

This partnership provides our customers with a high quality set of architecturally designed drawings while utilizing the efficiencies of our construction and engineering background to reduce overall design time and design costs. Allison’s family is a 4th generation business owner in Manatee/Sarasota Counties. Her education in architecture and visualization is from the Rhode Island School of Design and the Savannah College of Art & Design. This combination of skills provides her the distinctive ability to design beautiful architecture and share the experience with you in three dimensions. Allison garnered her experience around the world and produced architecture in Hawaii and the Caribbean, before returning home to Florida to practice the style she truly loves.

See Allison Kaffka Designs Gallery

…"when guests visit my home they ask enthusiastically, who built this beautiful house?
I respond with sincere pleasure that it was Whitehead Construction"…