About Us

Family History:

Since 1864 the Whitehead family has been business owners in Manatee and Sarasota Counties. Our family has been operating a construction business for the past 80 years. We have built over 600 homes, mostly on the barrier islands.

In 1980 Brent Whitehead took over as President of Whitehead Construction. Brent and his staff hold degrees in structural, industrial and design engineering along with architectural building construction. Whitehead Construction specializes in coastal construction and utilizes its unique combination of advanced education, years of experience and strong family tradition of high quality business ethics to provide a superior built home.


Our Business Model:

Whitehead Construction is a design/build company. Most of the buildings we build are designed in house or collaborate with a local architect. We are a custom home builder who specializes in serving property owners on the barrier islands rather than owning properties/developments and building spec homes. This business model has allowed us to operate debt free allowing more time to focus on the customer rather than inventory. In our present economy we have been able to retool our business and reduce overhead cost while increasing our service. We have been able to accomplish this by having fewer projects and very attentive suppliers and sub contractors that are reducing construction cost and time while improving the degree of excellence. The average team member in our company has over 26 years experience in the construction industry so we are able to efficiently multi-task and maximize production while reducing cost and increasing excellence in building.

Our engineering and vast years of experience in coastal construction allow us to provide our customers with the highest level of service. Our staff is just the right size to provide full time on site management to maintain quality control on the job site while our office staff negotiates with suppliers and subcontractors in order to provide the best products for the lowest cost. All the while we are providing the personal attention and complete communications our customers require.



Our process begins with a team that is committed to meeting the customers’ needs and desires in producing homes of distinction in the shortest amount of time for the best price.


Homeowner is in Control:

We do this by starting with a concept design, drawn by the architect, then before investing vast amounts of time and money on detailed drawings, we work closely with the architect and owner to develop specifications. With our engineering background, we then develop structural drawings and price your home accurately. We provide this service at no additional cost and complete the estimate quickly so as not to slow down the design process. During this process we are updating costs continuously so you, as the customer, are able to manage these costs throughout this whole process, minimizing any surprises.

…"when guests visit my home they ask enthusiastically, who built this beautiful house?
I respond with sincere pleasure that it was Whitehead Construction"…