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At Whitehead Construction, we are very proud of the relationships we have established with our clients over the years. These relationships are built on a foundation of trust and satisfaction. Below are testimonies of what some of our valued customers have to say about their Whitehead Construction experience...

Dear Brent, Allison, Dan, Flo, Ann, Nancy and the rest of the Whitehead Crew,

Where to begin thanking all of you? Now that the sawdust (concrete dust, sheetrock dust) has settled and we are in the house, we felt it was time to pause and reflect on the experience. It is a pleasant surprise in this day and age when somebody does what they say they will and then some more. Everyone on the Whitehead team lived up to and surpassed their reputation for excellence.
Being apprehensive about doing another building project, we knew that finding the right contractor would be critical. In our search, without exception, the comments concerning Whitehead Construction were very positive. Now we know why! After meeting with Brent and Allison we were confident that we should go ahead with our project. As it turned out they would also be the deciding factor in where we were going to build, but that is another story.
Of course, the result is of primary importance, but the journey getting there certainly influences how one feels about the finished house. We love the house. You all made it a great trip. We know that some of our ideas were a little different and we greatly appreciate your patience and flexibility in both entertaining and executing them. Your input, your problem solving skills, your standards of excellence and your relationships with the best subcontractors led to a high quality result. The house turned out even better than we had imagined and we are excited to start really living in our new home.
We feel blessed to have had all of you as our partners in this endeavor. Like the house, you are all very special to us.

Charles & Lynne


It was a dream of ours to own a gulf front home. We purchased a gulf front lot on the gulf of mexico drive on Longboat key. That is where our journey began. We met with several architects and builders and were very impressed with Bob Rokop and Brent Whitehead. Their vast knowledge and experience on building a gulf front home was second to none. Throughout the building process everyone from Larry, Neil, Ann and Flo were extremely helpful and always professional. Building a home from a distance can be very scary, however, with Larry at the helm we always felt we were in good hands. There was a stream of new pictures and constant communication via phone and emails that we felt we were there every step of the way. The finished product is more beautiful and exceeded our expectations. Every time we visit we have to pinch ourselves and say, "we can't believe this is our home." Most importantly, Brent and his crew delivered our home on time and on budget!!! To potential customers of Whitehead Construction: 1- Select Whitehead 2- Defer to this team when choices and questions arise !!!!!
Thank you to Brent, Larry, Neil, Ann & Flo. We are forever grateful.

Joe & Mary


Invariably when guests visit my home they ask enthusiastically, who built this beautiful house? I respond with sincere pleasure that it was Whitehead Construction led by my dear friend, Brent Whitehead. Not only did Brent understand immediately what I wanted done, he applied great skill, good judgment and outstanding taste in completing the tasks at hand. Equally impressive was the integrity, reliability and professionalism of his team of builders and subcontractors. The job was done within budget and on time. I don’t think that more needs to be said about Brent and his organization other than it will be a lucky owner who engages Whitehead Construction for the building of his home.



Lawton Chiles Foundation
If someone tells you that the best is yet to come, believe them. It has been a year since I moved into my Whitehead-Built home on Bimini Bay, and it is the best house, including the Florida Governor’s Mansion, that I have ever lived in. I attribute the good will of my neighbors to the diplomacy of your excellent staff during construction. I am grateful for their sensitivity which has resulted in on-going friendly associations with those who live here at the end of 75th Street.
So, a great big BRAVO – WELL DONE – I LIKE IT from me to you.

Sincerely, Rhea


You may not know the background on how you were selected to build our new home on AMI last year. We had been looking for ten years to find the perfect water front property to build our dream home and we found it on Bimini Bay. At closing, we were already making plans to raise the existing structure, which was built in 1962, to construct a home that would support a family of six. So, we asked our real estate broker, Karen Day, who was the ‘best’ builder’ on the island. It had been our plan to build a home for our family that would allow grandchildren, family and friends to enjoy this beautiful island for years to come. Karen thought for a moment and said, ‘I would recommend that you call Brent Whitehead’. She went on to say, ‘He grew up on the island and is the most respected builder out here.’ From there you know the story that in less than eleven months, from start to finish, you and your design team headed by Allison Kaffka created a blue print for a home that exceeded our expectations. From there Dan, Ann and the rest of your team completed the project with the highest level of workmanship imaginable. All of this while being ahead of schedule and below budget. Amazing! Brent, we can’t thank you enough for exceeding our expectations during the entire journey.

Best regards, Maura & Jim


Brent, Thank you so much for making our dream home a reality. It truly does “Knock our socks off”! Thanks to your attention to detail, the house captures the magnificent view from every room and the architecture definitely achieves the Old Florida style that we were looking for. From beginning to end your company was a pleasure to work with. Every person we were in contact with was professional and eager to please. Their follow through on even the smallest items was very much appreciated…nothing was overlooked. You can be sure that you and your company live up to your wonderful reputation. We know we’ll have many years of joy and happiness making memories in our new home and we are thankful that you were such an important part of making it all possible. Please enjoy dinner on us as a sign of our appreciation.
We hope to work with you again in the near future.

Thank you and God Bless, Sincerely, Ron & Karen


Over 20 years have gone by since you built my house and I am so grateful to you for such a well built home. This house is every bit as sound as the day I moved in. Thank you for your knowledge, skill and honor in constructing the home of my dreams. I still love it.

Sincerely, Mary


Brent's reputation precedes him and his code of ethics commands the respect of anyone that has had the privilege of working with him. We feel very blessed that Whitehead Construction was our homebuilder. One of our first concerns was choosing a homebuilder with the monumental qualifications that are required in building a waterfront home and Whitehead's expertise in this area is unsurpassed. Two of the many benefits that we experienced with Whitehead Construction were the onsite staff of architects and engineers that helped reduce unforeseen delays; and the Team of professionals which greatly affects the total process of building a home and creates a "comfort zone" for the homeowner.



I’ve told several people that I knew I picked the right builder almost immediately. I saw your passion and integrity when we first met. Although there were a couple of moments where we got frustrated, you and your team were committed to a positive outcome. We are thrilled with the job you’ve done. Susan and I have commented on more than one occasion that, if we had chosen another builder, we would not have gotten this house. We would have gotten a home with less attention to detail and less commitment to quality. The guidance and craftsmanship that Whitehead Construction provided have enhanced our home. Thank you. On a more personal note, the fact that you walk with Christ gives me great joy. Hebrews 3:4 For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything.

God bless,


Our first experience with Whitehead Construction was in 1989 with a renovation of a gulf front home in Holmes Beach. Whitehead brought the knowledge of what could and couldn't be done to our structure. During the course of this renovation, we found Whitehead to be creative, thorough and cost conscience. Our next experience was building a new home in 2001. Whitehead still had the same attributes but had grown into a larger company with more, extremely qualified personnel. The home was and is still beautiful! We have now completed a third project with Brent and his staff and have again found a superb organization that has managed to retain its high standards that initially attracted us. We believe the best testimonial we could give is that after 19 years and 3 projects, we would NOT consider using another builder over Whitehead Construction! This organization is competitive, an expert in obtaining permits from cities, counties and the state and excellent at providing us with great value for every dollar spent on custom construction.

Kathy & John


Having Whitehead Construction and all of his TEAM build our new home in Longboat Key was a very positive experience. Building a home is never "easy" there are always issues that surface. We truly feel Brent and Sean's input, steadfast insistence on our not just accepting things as they were and exploring other alternatives resulted in our having a better home than our original plans envisioned.
Having a builder with real hands on experience does make a difference. I would insist anyone who is building or remodeling a home meet with the Whitehead Construction Team and get their views and pricing. I am truly glad we used them.
Experience, Confidence, Integrity are thoughts and words that come to mind immediately when thinking of Whitehead Construction.



Brent, being a custom builder for 25 years in Central Florida and moving to the island to retire, it was certainly a pleasure to have you and your team construct MARBELLA CONDOMINIUM for me in 2000 and then again construct the final phase in 2006. The entire process reinstilled faith in me that selecting the right company with the right team players can be such a rewarding and satisfying experience. In times when most people appear to be looking out for themselves, it certainly is a breath of fresh air to know that there is still a company out there with beliefs in place that put the customer up front with quality, integrity and craftsmanship first on the jobsite. Thank you for this experience and wish you and your team GODSPEED ahead in providing this example for the industry.

John and Debbie


As a developer the most important part of a project is to know that the people you are working with are true partners and their word is their 'bond'. My experience with Whitehead Construction, Inc. began in 1997 and together we have built 59 condos and town homes with perhaps another 10 in the future. All of the construction has been in Bradenton Beach, which probably means I have been one of Whitehead's largest customer on AMI. The management and strong leadership by Brent and Wes have exceeded my expectations and have led to a great friendship. The quality of the Whitehead 'subs' is excellent and very much above the norm or that which is expected in the building industry. However, the true strength of this company is in the detailed approach to project management. At one point we had 24 units concurrently under construction and I was operating with a fixed budget. During that time we worked hard and met frequently with an added benefit of completing the units ahead of schedule and slightly under budget. I wish that all projects would end in this fashion.

President/Managing Partner (former)
AMI Bay Side Development, LLC


Carol and I have been in our new home almost 6 months now and we must apologize for taking this long to tell you how much we enjoy the house. We have had time to notice all the fine detail and excellent workmanship that went into the house. We have many neighbors and passers-by compliment us on the house and how nice it looks. Several of the neighbors, who witnessed the construction almost daily, tell us how polite the builders were, how neat the job site was kept, and high on their list of compliments was the lack of loud noise, music or cursing. I think this is all a reflection on why you and your company are known as a quality builder with a highly regarded reputation. We just can’t say enough to thank you, your workers and contractors, your office staff who were so helpful to us (Nancy and Ann), and especially the very best project manager we could ever hoped for, your Dad, Bob Whitehead. We were so fortunate to have him on this project since we could not be here in Florida full time. He kept us informed of any decisions and problems we needed to address, always offered us options with pros and cons of each choice, and took on many tasks that I am certain were not part of the job description. It was his expert advice and assistance, along with yours, that make it possible for me to say that I doubt there are many first homes built where the owner says “This home is everything we dreamed if would be”. Carol said she couldn’t believe the house was so beautiful when we arrived for a final walk through prior to the CO. Again, Carol and I both thank you for finding a way to work our construction into your schedule, and working with us over the many months of planning prior to construction. We hope you, your family, and all the staff at Whitehead Construction have a wonderful Christmas holiday, and a happy and prosperous New Year in the years to come.

God Bless, Tom & Carol


Bill said the other night that Brent sure did build us a great house, after 3 years even. Thanks for everything.



To whom it may concern, It is my distinct pleasure to recommend Brent Whitehead and his wonderful organization for any & all of your construction or pre-construction needs. I’m a Real Estate Developer & have been working with Brent’s organization for almost 10 years here on Anna Maria Island. I am pleased to report that the projects we’ve accomplished simply couldn’t have been completed without him. Our Old Bridge Village condominium project required a small comp-plan change, several variances & special exceptions in the historic section of Bradenton Beach – a community known for it’s hostility and entrenched opposition. Brent advised us on every step through the approval process & constructed the $10 million project on time & on budget. When we choose to construct an $8 million addition to our Tortuga Inn Beach Resort, Brent helped us develop and “as of right” plan that didn’t require approvals from the Bradenton Beach commission. Our plan was approved, after a five-hour battle, by the City’s Planning & Zoning commission. Again, Brent completed the project on time & on budget. Brent has also been involved in my pre-construction activities in several other of my projects including the luxury Aqua Marine condominium development adjacent to the Beach Bistro in Holmes Beach, & several other large-scale land use approvals from DEP & the City of Anna Maria for one of my clients. Please don’t hesitate to call me if you need further information.



We just wanted to tell you again how much we love our new home and are still very much in awe of all the detailed work. Everyone was great to work with and not only professional but gave us a warm welcome to Longboat Key. I am enclosing 2 letters that I sent to Wades’ and Fritz for their outstanding work and wanted you to see the letters also for a reference for any of your future clients. Once again, thank you and your staff especially Sean for a delightful building experience.

Dennis and Sandra


Today I received your bill marked Final. Larry, it's kind of sad - - what will I have to complain about in future months! Seriously, you know of Ricky's and my satisfaction with the end result. And with working with all the fine people at Whitehead. I have not had the time tonight to even glance at the detail, but somehow, with Ann and Flo involved, I would bet on it being correct. So, I have written the check and will put it in the mail tomorrow. I know we can tweak things later if we need to, but I wanted to pay you quickly as part of my way of saying "Job Well Done". Thanks to everyone for our beautiful house.

With much affection, Karl and Ricky


Thanks to the Whitehead team for a job well done!
We have been using our beautiful home in Longboat Key since March and as every day passes, we realize the quality craftsmanship that your company has provided. Sean has been great to work with and kept us informed via phone, email and photos on the progress of the construction. He has also been quick with any miscellaneous follow-up work that we have needed as the kinks have been worked out of the home. We would not hesitate to use Whitehead Construction to build another home in the future and would give a Whitehead recommendation to anybody who is considering building a home in the area. Thanks also for referring us to Holly Logan of HV Design who was a huge bonus.

Thanks, John and Tara

Whitehead Construction, Inc.