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Family owned and operated construction business in Manatee and Sarasota Counties for over 80 years. Committed to serving our customers with a product and process that exceeds their expectations.

4402 - 124th Street West

Post Office Box 387

Cortez Florida 34215

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Phone: 941.795.1984

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E-mail: info@whiteheadconst.com

Dear Brent,


Our home on Anna Maria is the first home we have ever built. It is a gorgeous, majestic, and warm home. The design is magnificent with arches, sweeping porches, and interior columns befitting a grand Mediterranean home. Brent Whitehead designed our home and added the touches that make it not just a custom home but an incredible custom home. It is truly “the house that Brent built.” At every juncture in the year-long process of building, we met with Brent, Neil, Dan, Ann, Nancy, the whole team and chose every component of the home’s interior and exterior. This was a seamless, flawless, and painless process because of Brent and his team. When we had concerns (few and far between), Brent addressed and resolved them to our total satisfaction. It is rare that you build a home within the budget set forth from the outset, within the time frame promised, and within a “close-knit” builder family. Every day, we are grateful for Brent Whitehead and how he helped us attain our dream, the dream we are living in so comfortably. It is rarer still that you become “friends” to the builder of your home. We consider ourselves Brent’s friends and are proud that he played such a wonderful role in our lives. We wish only the best for Whitehead Construction and Brent Whitehead, its visionary leader.


                                                            Jim and Jan

Whitehead Construction, Inc.